Project Overview

At Club Side, your home is designed to be your relaxing field, its captivating view Of the Alexandria Sporting Club will make you fall in love with your everyday Morning scenery, with a central location of all life’s essentials just moments away, It’s the perfect community for the whole family.

Enjoy the quality of life and the luxury that you seek your home to be, with our Selection of profuse 4 units per floor with a top quality elevator finishing.

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General Specifications of The Building

  • - The entrance is operated automatically by sensor units.
  • - Stately hotel style entrance.
  • - The building is equipped with central access to housing units, security, and garage.
  • - High-pressure pump system to connect the water to the last floor with complete removal of water tanks.
  • - Electricity generator for the operation of elevators and public utilities.
  • - The building is equipped with a drainage network for HVAC system units.
  • - Central decoders.
  • - Full flat garage.

Specifications of Residential Units

  • - The unit door is made of Oak wood.
  • - Beech wood reception floors.
  • - Bedroom floors of Sweden wood.
  • - Walls of the bathrooms, kitchens, and pavement of the Gemma ceramics.
  • - Wall paints made of plastic.
  • - Ideal Standard main and private bathroom sets.
  • - All admins and mixers are Ideal Standard.
  • - PVC windows and balconies.
  • - DSL outlets for living and reception.

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