Project Overview

Saba Residence is distinguished amongst our projects with its luxurious apartments In a scenic community complete with quality residential and commercial services. Other than its deluxe and unique architectural design, you can enjoy your own Privacy, with a selection of profuse 4 units per floor with a top quality elevator Finishing.

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General Specifications of The Building

  • - The entrance is operated automatically by sensor units.
  • - Stately hotel style entrance.
  • - The building is equipped with central access to housing units, security, and garage.
  • - High-pressure pump system to connect the water to the last floor with complete removal of water tanks.
  • - Electricity generator for the operation of elevators and public utilities.
  • - The building is equipped with a drainage network for HVAC system units.
  • - Central decoders.
  • - Full flat garage.

Specifications of Residential Units

  • - The unit door is made of Oak wood.
  • - Beech wood reception floors.
  • - Bedroom floors of Sweden wood.
  • - Walls of the bathrooms, kitchens, and pavement of the Gemma ceramics.
  • - Wall paints made of plastic.
  • - Ideal Standard main and private bathroom sets.
  • - All admins and mixers are Ideal Standard.
  • - PVC windows and balconies.
  • - DSL outlets for living and reception.

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